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I know some of the original people who signed up are now having problems seeing their account information. I have contacted the company looking after the payment system, I’m waiting for them to get back to me and I’ll keep you all posted.

If you signed up with PayPal you’ll be able to see your subscription on your PayPal account goto the ‘recurring payments” section, your subscription should be in there and you can see and cancel payments from the PayPal app or website. Probably a good idea once I get to the bottom of what’s happening and have a long-term solution.

Over this year, I have earmarked 10 slots per month to post videos and I am hopeful I can fill those, 4 will be from my back catalogue (2 standard 4K walks and 2 360 videos), some will have been seen before, some are variations on older videos (better angles, higher resolution and so on). Some are videos that were scheduled on Patreon but were not posted before they deleted my account.

The beach season has started here and I have already posted and scheduled videos taken this month and I will continue to add them as I edit them, as I said my target is 6 2024 videos per month (10 videos per month) for the rest of the year.

I hope this helps and thank you all for your support.

2 thoughts on “Subscription Problems”

    1. Hi Dylan, when building the site I wanted to add a good selection of videos so many of the first batch were videos that were on the site that was taken down. but also some new ones, that was all set up before the site was launched. Since going live I have set up a schedule that will publish around 10 videos a month, 4 of which will be from the back category but there will be and there have been 6 all-new videos each month.

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