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Want to take control and decide where the camera is looking, out 360° videos put you in control.

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Working to bring you the best videos.

We’ve had several channels deleted from YouTube and more recently Patreon decided our videos were not suitable for their platform either.
So, here we are with a new home.
We’ll keep doing all we can to bring you the videos you want to see.

About Us

Exploring Spain’s Coastal Culture.

Welcome to our platform dedicated to exploring the rich and vibrant coastal culture of Spain, where we delve into the longstanding traditions of topless and nudist sunbathing in an authentic and respectful manner. Our mission is to showcase the cultural norms and practices that have shaped Spain’s coastal regions for generations, providing an insightful and educational experience for our audience.

Our Mission At Bear Beach Walks, we are passionate about promoting cultural understanding and appreciation through immersive and documentary-style content. We believe in capturing candid moments of daily life along Spain’s stunning beaches, highlighting the natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and unique cultural practices that define these locales.

Educational & Respectful Content We approach our content creation with a deep respect for cultural diversity and authenticity. Each video and article is carefully curated to offer an insightful glimpse into the normalisation of topless and nudist sunbathing within the cultural context of Spain. By providing detailed context and framing, we aim to foster a greater understanding of these cultural traditions while promoting inclusivity and respect.

Join Us on the Journey We invite you to join us on this immersive journey as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Spain’s coastal lifestyle. Whether you are a traveler seeking to understand local customs or a cultural enthusiast exploring diverse traditions, Bear Beach Walks offers a unique perspective and engaging content that showcases the beauty and depth of Spain’s coastal culture.

Thank you for visiting Bear Beach Walks. Let’s explore, learn, and celebrate together!

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