WTF YouTube and thank you all!

Update – 12 June 2024

Strike #2, after my week ban I posted the next day and instantly received another strike, this time for this video at 2:58. I’ve started creating a new channel there but like the existing one, it’s only really there to drive traffic here, with all the removed videos and demonetised videos it is paying buttons on peanuts. for the amount of work I need to do to create these videos it isn’t viable. So, if you see another Bear Beach channel it’s probably me.

However, I see many of my videos being stolen and re-uploaded. It does piss me off that they are doing much better with my stolen content than I am with the original.

For example, I uploaded a video 3 months ago, and it has had 1, 500 views, somebody else uploaded it a month ago and has had 106,000 views, and shadow banning doesn’t exist on YouTube…

It looks like my YouTube channel might be about to disappear again, and the reason is just bizarre!

It feels like they’ve employed Stevie Wonder to head up the ‘Moderation Team’. This morning, I woke up to another strike on my channel.

Luckily, YouTube has finally started giving time stamps and screenshots of the offending parts of videos, long overdue.

I thought this would provide some insight into what the rules actually are. But no!

Take a look at this screenshot at the 15:20 marker. YouTube claims this is such a big issue that they need to take down the video and apply a strike to my channel.

Confused? Me too. I thought maybe it was something the automated system picked up in error, so I appealed. Within minutes, I received this response:

“Video: 4K UHD – Crowded Barcelona Beach Walk 26 May 2024 – Best Beaches in Spain – We reviewed your content carefully and confirmed that it violates our sex and nudity policy. We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure YouTube is a safe place for all. We won’t be putting your content back up on YouTube, and the strike will remain on your channel.”

I should know by now that the YouTube appeal system is always a case of “We’re Smart, You’re Dumb, We’re Big, You’re Little, We’re Right, You’re Wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Very Matilda of them.

Most of you have been around YouTube for a while and have seen many beach videos, so you know what’s generally acceptable. Can someone help me out here? Am I missing the point?

I obviously can’t direct you to the video on YouTube, (it’s gone) but I do have the full video here. Because of the removed content for the YouTube version, this one is longer but the same scene is at 18:50. (ignore the young topless girl lying on her back on a towel with the headphones, she was cut out of the YouTuber Version, this is not a great example because the version you get here would probably get me instantly kicked off YouTube, The version that was on YouTube is here> This is the better one to see why they removed it) In the scene, you can see that a woman in a blue Bikini has a slight wardrobe malfunction, with part of a nipple not fully covered by her bikini top. Is that what they mean by “violates our sex and nudity policy”? The description does say that there may be some nudity contained within the video.

A quick look at other videos on the platform, and I am very confused! Full frontal nudity seems fine, but an accidental peek deserves to be clamped down on. I can’t post for a week, so I apologise if I’m not responding to your comments until next week. YouTube has told me that content containing nudity is only acceptable with contextual descriptions, some of you have noticed I have been including that of some recent videos including this one.

Here are a few screen grabs a video without any contextual descriptions.

Some of you may recognise the channel, I’m not picking on them, in fact, it’s a creator I respect and look up to, if you haven’t checked them out you should at It was just a quick search and this one video gave me plenty of examples and it’s been on YouTube since October 2021.

It looks like this affects the scheduled posts I lined up for next week, as they’ve disappeared. So although I’m going quiet on YouTube I’ll still be working on this site.

I think I mentioned to some of you that my videos now get automatically demonetised as they’re uploaded. I always appeal, but I’m only successful about 30% of the time.

This means YouTube isn’t even covering the cost of taking the Metro to the beach. I appreciate all of you for your continued support. Without you and those who were previously on Patreon, I would have only built up considerable debt and wasted countless hours, weeks, months and a couple of years filming and editing these videos.

So, along with this rant, I want to add a huge thank you to each and every one of you lovely people.

If there’s a lawyer out there who thinks there’s a case and wants to build their reputation by going after Google, give me a shout. In the ’90s, I was behind Google and wanted them to thrive, They brought something new to the table that improved most of our lives, remember when they had “Do no evil” in their mission statement? But, as they say, ‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

The stuff YouTube promotes and they have the balls to make the statement in my case that “it’s important that we keep the YouTube community protected’. As if the danger to our community is seeing a little flesh but the other ‘Hot Topics’ going around are all just freedom of expression.

Rant over, now thank you all and have a fantastic day.

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